5 Printed T-Shirt Ideas for School Fundraising

7 May 2015
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T-shirt printing can be a great way for your school's P&C to raise money. Whether the T-shirt sales are part of a bigger event or a stand-alone drive, the profit-to-effort ratio makes it an appealing option. First, decide on your campaign and target market. Then, design your T-shirt images or logos.

Then, find a T-shirt printing company like Lee T. Shirts Pty Ltd that can produce your designs quickly and ask them about bulk discounts to keep your costs down. Decide on the number of T-shirts needed, place your order and get selling!

Here are some T-shirt sales ideas to get your fundraising committee brainstorming.

1) School 'groupie' T-shirt

T-shirts in the school colour with the school logo and 'XYZ school groupie' printed on them can be sold to younger siblings. They can feel like they are starting school too. These can be available for sale from the school office all year round as an ongoing fundraiser.

2) 'A-thon' T-shirt

Next time the school holds a Walk-a-thon or Sports-a-thon or similar, sell parents an 'a-thon' kit for their child. It can hold a healthy snack, a drink bottle, a badge and an official T-shirt. This makes a great souvenir for the event. Parents and teachers alike can also get shirts in their size to support their students.

3) Commemorative T-shirt

Is your school celebrating a special year? Maybe the school is 100 years old, or has just become an eco-school? Have a T-shirt printed that declares this fact and ask the principal to let students wear them on Fridays that year. Graduating high school seniors might especially value this memento.

4) Limited Edition T-shirt

You might be fortunate enough to have a professional artist in the parent community or living locally and happy to support the school. Ask them to donate a T-shirt design that you can print on adult sized T-shirts and sell them at the next fete or Trivia night.

5) Design Competition T-shirt

You can make money twice from this one. Run an art competition for the kids to design a T-shirt for their school. Entry into the competition costs $5 and the best 2 designs will be turned into T-shirts to be sold to the whole student body.

However you choose to run your T-shirt fundraising project, there are lots of ways to involve the children, parents and the local community and have fun at the same time.