Fitting in while standing out - exploring custom made suits

30 June 2015
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If you like to have a dapper appearance but don't want to look like an accountant, getting your suits custom made can be a great option. Here are some of the ways you can add some flair to your suits that you might not be able to find on the ready to wear racks.

Lively colours

Take some inspiration from the NBA draft to see how you can inject bright colours into a suit. While some players had extremely colourful suits, others made use of piping and pocket squares to inject some colour into their outfits. Some modern suits also used contrasting colours to great affect, including black lapels on brightly coloured jackets. You can also contemplate a lively lining, even in traditional environments, building on the English tradition of a brighter suit lining contrasting with the outward appearance of a staid suit. 

Interesting fabrics

Most ready-to-wear suits in Australia are made in polyester blends in the cheaper ranges, and wool blends in the higher price ranges. However, other materials can be great for suits, including linen for summer suits and velvet for winter and casual wear. Interesting fabrics not only help you to stand out but often invite touch from the people you meet.

Tailoring quirks

In Australia, the notched lapel is the most common option in suits. However, there are other options for the lapel, including a peaked or shawl lapel, and you may prefer the width of your lapel to be much slimmer or wider than the current trends. Peaked lapels give a more formal vibe, while a shawl lapel is great for a casual suit (although is also common on a tuxedo style suit). More narrow lapels work well on slim line suits and slimmer bodies, while a wide lapel fits a looser cut of suit.

Equally, an impeccably fitting suit, particularly if your body has some unusual characteristics such as being very tall, or extremely slim, can help you to look impressive in any situation.

Unfortunately, ready-to-wear suits tend to move and sway with the trends of the time. Finding a suit that truly suits you and makes you look impressive in any situation makes you feel more confident and makes a positive and lasting impression on the people you meet. Getting a suit custom made ensures that it fits perfectly and has the material and tailoring that suits you, regardless of the current trends.

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