Cool and comfortable workwear options for bike couriers

7 July 2015
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If you run a bike courier company, you'll know how important it is to have cool and comfortable uniforms for your courier that leave a professional impression with clients and the general public. Here are some things to keep in mind when coming up with your bike courier uniforms:

Loose and comfortable clothing

While some of your couriers may feel comfortable in body hugging Lycra outfit, this is not always the most flattering outfit and could put some potential employees off joining your company. Instead aim for loose and comfortable clothing like shorts and a polo shirt that still allow movement but look comfortable and professional.

Quick dry material

Make sure that your uniforms are made from light and quick drying material, so if you couriers get a little sweaty racing between job they don't need to spend the rest of the day damp and uncomfortable. Quick dry material also allows your staff to wash uniforms each day to dry before the next day, minimising the chances of a smelly courier turning up at a clients office and offending everyone in the lift!

It can be useful to stay away from lighter coloured uniforms, as these tend to show up any sweat and grime that accumulates during a busy day couriering. Dark colours are more flattering and often grime is not as noticable.


Logos on your uniform not only make the tax-deductible items to provide, and for your employee to launder, but also give your employees an instantly identifiable position when they come into a clients building. Having your phone numbers on the couriers t-shirts can even act as a formal of marketing for your company. This helps to ensure that there is no mistaking your courier for another serviceperson in the building and can be useful when couriers need to access secure buildings.

Sun protection

Given the harsh Australian climate many of your riders might like to ride with a brimmed hat or cap under their bike helmets. You can consider making a cap part of the uniform, so that the same scheme of attractive and professional clothing continues with their choice of headwear, with the cap matching the colour scheme and branding of the unfiorm.

Attractive and professional uniforms help to send a message of competence as your couriers move through the city and interact with clients and the general public. If you are looking to up date your bike courier's uniforms, call a workwear supplier to discuss your options today.