Two Weeks On Hand Luggage: How To Pack Economically and Travel Lighter

29 October 2015
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Travelling can be a lot of fun, but packing always feels like a chore. Checking in bags adds to your stresses at the airport and weighs you down once you arrive at your destination. With the following tips, you'll find that hand luggage can go a long way if you just make a few simple changes in your luggage.

Swap out your paperbacks for an e-reader. You'll have much more choice for your holiday read and save valuable luggage space.

Roll your clothes, don't fold your clothes. Rolling clothes into tight, compact cylinders will not only save you space but will also result in fewer wrinkles than folding. Top tip: Throwing a fragranced dryer sheet into your bag with your clothes will keep them smelling fresh!

Use elastic bands. Elastic bands weigh practically nothing and don't take up any extra space in your bag. They will, however, keep socks and underwear together in one neat little package and similarly control wayward wires and chargers for your technology. Note: Many e-readers, phones and cameras use the same charging leads. Where this is the case, only pack one cable, and if you are able to charge your portables via USB on your laptop, leave the plugs out altogether!

Buy a travel towel. If you plan on moving around a lot and aren't entirely sure of what will be provided for you in your accommodation, a microfibre travel towel can be a real life saver. You will have a towel that takes up about as much space as a lightweight t-shirt or blouse and is around 6 times lighter and 4 times faster drying than a regular towel, so you'll never have to worry.

Pack fewer clothes. Set out all of your clothes in advance, and make sure that you are packing items of a consistent colour palette so that you will have more choices when it comes to putting together outfits. Darker clothes will hide stains, and those made from merino wool will stay fresher for longer: keeping you cool in warmer weather and warmer when it's cold. Merino wool is also faster to dry, making it a perfect choice for socks and other undergarments. Pack three or four pairs of each, along with a bag of concentrated detergent powder and wash as you go.

Keep these ideas in mind as you buy luggage online. Invest in a lightweight hand luggage case and enjoy your new-found freedom from bulky suitcases and stressful lines at check-in. Enjoy your trip!