Don't Let Those Stubborn Stains Strain Your Brain Again: Let Experienced Dry-Cleaning Experts Handle Them

8 January 2020
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Not all clothes you find in boutiques can be hand-washed at home. Some fabrics or clothes lose shape and get discoloured when washed with water. Take such clothes to a dry cleaner if they are stained. Dry cleaners use special cleaning agents, such as tetrachloroethylene, glycol ethers, hydrocarbons, liquid silicone and liquid carbon dioxide, to remove stains. These chemical solvents contain little or no water, and they remove stubborn stains that hand-washing can't easily remove. Here are some of the stains that dry cleaning can remove on your finest white clothes:

Stains from Organic Sources

Stains from natural fluids such as blood are hard to remove with soap and water. Stains from red wine, chocolate, toothpaste, cooking grease, berry juice, paint, make-ups, coloured deodorants and tomato sauces are stubborn. They shouldn't be washed; they should be digested. Professional dry-cleaning experts know how to remove these stains from the fabrics that aren't compatible with water. Organic dry-cleaning solvents contain enzymes that digest the particles in these stubborn stains.

Tannin Stains

Tannin stains occur when juice, ink, tea or coffee accidentally spill over your clothes. These stains contain additives like sugar or cream that make them tougher to remove with water. Tannin stains are even extra stubborn when spilled from hot beverages. Alcohol and wine also cause water-based stains once they are spilled on your garment. Stains from natural substances like mangoes, tea leaves, coffee beans, grapes, beetroot and grass are also hard to remove. However, all these stubborn stains can't withstand dry cleaning solvents.

Perspiration Stains

Some stains such as those from perspiration aren't only stubborn but also really embarrassing. The large sweat stains on your white shirt won't just make you feel uncomfortable, but also make your friends and colleagues stay away from you. Don't follow the stain-removal tips you read on the internet if your stained shirt or dress has a label saying "dry clean only." Don't waste time trying to remove sweat stains on your shirt if it's made of silk or wool. Hand-washing won't remove sweat that has deeply dried into your shirt. Dry cleaning professionals use special solutions to remove stubborn sweat stains without causing discolouration.

Your dry-cleaning kit at home may not remove the stubborn stains on your white shirt or dress. However, these stains can't resist the solvents that the dry cleaning experts use. Just let the dry cleaning expert spot the stains, know when they occurred and know if you had tried to remove them. Look for a dry cleaning facility near you for more information.