Essential Information You Need When Buying Hi-Vis Work Shirts

7 August 2020
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High-visibility apparel helps workers to be noticed easily while in their work environment. Such attire is essential in situations where employees are working around moving vehicles. It also helps in other places of high risk. The effectiveness of the clothing is in the colour, which is noticeable and reflective from far away. The most important thing is to make sure you choose colours that stand out in any environment. You also need colours that are noticeable in any weather. Here are a few essential things you should look out for when making your choice.

Garments That Comply With Australian Standards

One of the things that you should confirm in your selection is that the apparel meets the Australian Safety Standards. For instance, some clothes are good for use during the day, and some are better for the night. It is also essential to know whether you are using the apparel underground or above the ground.  At the same time, there are garments recommended for fire-resistance. Knowing what you need in the conditions of your workplace will help you in making the right choice.

Garments That Will Serve You for Long

Another essential factor that should help you is the longevity of the garment. You need to think of quality when making your choice. High-quality fabric will give you a more extended service. Though buying cheap material may seem less expensive at first, it will cost you more in the end. You will have to change the protective gear more often if you choose cheap material. That will likely be more costly than buying something that can serve you for a long time.

Garments That Offer High Resistance to Most Hazards

Different types of visibility apparel are necessary for different places of various risks. Some working areas have multiple risks. For instance, there may be electrical, gas or oil hazards. Any of those can cause fires. You need proper protective garments to prevent burn injuries in such places. Thus, it is essential to ensure the garments worn under such circumstances have the right rating. It is the best way to be sure the workers will be safe when working in these environments.

Garments for the Right Job

Different industries have different requirements for protective gear. It is an important thing to make sure you understand all the requirements. There are requirements for workers at low risk, medium risk and high risk. In high-risk places, it is better to have garments that cover the entire body for better visibility.


It is paramount to follow the requirements for each type of job. According to the safety regulations, the employer should take responsibility. Each employer should ensure the safety of their workers. Also, anyone visiting these risky sites should wear protective gear.

To learn more, contact a supplier that carries hi-vis work shirts.